Consulting & Business Development

You want your business to run better - we got an advice
We provide specialized expertise in product development, quality control, marketing and branding, and operational efficiency. With our help businesses in the pet food market become more competitive, increase sales, and achieve long-term success.
Vadim Zagidullin
Cofounder of RND4U
Strategy, Scenarios & Business cases
Our wide knowledge of petcare market and it's trends allows us to forecast changes, develop scenarios and business cases. It helps set direction, identify opportunities and risks, allocate resources, and build stakeholder alignment.
Support with new factory construction
With our wide experience we bring specialized knowledge, an objective perspective, cost and time savings to the construction of a new factory as well as factory launch.
Factory audit
External audits ensuring quality control, compliance, risk management, and supplier selection, which can help to improve product quality, mitigate risks, and enhance the reputation and sustainability of the factory.
Prior Art research
Prior art research is ensuring patentability, avoiding infringement, promoting innovation, and conducting due diligence in business transactions involving intellectual property